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The revolution in iGaming starts here. 

SoftGenius is the next-generation platform powering the revolution

in iGaming and online entertainment. 

Never take anything
for granted

Our product development process is based on the assumption that everything can and should be improved, even if it's a tried and tested functionality. 

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Originality and excitement are key when building an entertainment product. 

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Nextgen tech powers all of our work, from start to finish.

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Whether it's classic or modern, creativity inspires our designs.

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A great work is never done, so we constantly improve our products.


Our founders and team have worked for and with some of the largest iGaming companies in the world for well over a decade, learning all the ins and outs of the entire industry. 


For over 5 years we've been operating our own brands across a multitude of providers and dozens of geos, knowing what works, how, and where—but most importantly, why


As a final step towards a new generation of entertainment and gaming destinations, SoftGenius was born—a true next-gen approach to online casinos and sports betting.

Good ideas executed are better than great ideas

Our brands are more than just online casinos and entertainment portals. They are the epitome of well-executed ideas based on over a decade of experience  

The revolution in
iGaming starts here.

For far too long most online casinos and sports betting sites have offered a sub-par experience to their users, that, for lack of a better option, have continued moving from one casino to another in search of the ultimate experience. 

Innovation in the gaming industry is long due and now is the time to embrace the future—exceptional experiences, fun and enticing way to play, and a responsible approach to online gaming.

Welcome to the genius revolution.

Strengths lies in numbers. Here are some of ours




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