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17 iun. 2024

SoftGenius is where bold ideas turn into tech reality. Want to explore more industry insights? Get ready to meet Kati Holasz, the CTO of SoftGenius, for an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Kati, can you share a bit about your journey to becoming CTO at SoftGenius? What experiences or roles have been most influential in shaping your leadership style?

My journey to becoming the CTO at SoftGenius has been rich and rewarding, marked by diverse technical and leadership roles. My previous company provided invaluable experience that shaped my leadership style and taught me the difference between management and true leadership.

Starting as a test lead and progressing to project lead and scrum master, I not only enhanced my technical skills but also developed a deep understanding of effective leadership.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my career has been mentoring interns and helping them transition into professional roles. Acting as a trainer, I found immense joy in fostering growth and development in others. This experience brought its own set of challenges, but seeing the interns evolve and succeed made every effort worthwhile.

At SoftGenius, I strive to create an environment where growth, learning, and career development are at the forefront, ensuring that our team not only excels technically but also grows as leaders and managers in their own right.

How do you approach integrating new technologies like AI and blockchain into SoftGenius' projects, and what impact do you foresee them having on the gaming experience?

Integrating new technologies is incredibly exciting because it enhances the gaming experience in such dynamic ways. For example, AI isn’t just about automation - it's about making each game uniquely responsive. Imagine playing a game that adapts and evolves based on your personal play style.

It's this kind of innovation that I believe will revolutionize how players engage with our games and set new industry standards for what games can be.

How does SoftGenius leverage adaptive technologies to personalize the gaming experience for diverse user groups, and what role does machine learning play in this process?

SoftGenius harnesses machine learning to analyze player behavior and preferences, tailoring game and content recommendations uniquely for each user.

This approach enhances engagement by ensuring that every interaction is aligned with what players find most enjoyable and engaging.

Can you discuss any recent innovations or trends in UI/UX design within the gaming industry that SoftGenius is particularly excited about or has already begun to implement?

Everything from transitions to layouts is becoming smoother and more customizable. For example, we've been working on making the brands look great and feel intuitive, whether you're playing on a big screen or a mobile phone. Also, the focus is on responsive design so everything adjusts perfectly no matter the device.

It's all about ensuring every moment you spend on these platforms is as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

How do you find the right mix between innovating for the future and responding to what users want right now?

Staying updated on player feedback and market trends goes hand in hand with exploring new ideas and technologies. A collaborative and agile culture is key, allowing for quick adaptation to current user needs while still pushing the boundaries of innovation. This approach ensures a balance between meeting today’s demands and pioneering future trends, keeping the gaming experience both fresh and exciting.

On a lighter note, if you had the chance to switch roles with anyone else at SoftGenius for a day, who would it be and why? 😀

Hmmm… If I had the chance to switch roles with anyone else at SoftGenius for a day, I’d love to trade places with someone on our sales or marketing team. It would be fascinating to get a firsthand look at how they present our products and craft the marketing strategy for them.

This experience would give me valuable insights into their expectations and help me understand how we can refine and improve our products. Plus, it would be a fun and enlightening way to see our work from a completely different perspective! 😃 So, why not?

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